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Meet Singuila, an artist on a musical journey from Paris streets to global stages. He’s passionate about music and art, believing fashion goes beyond clothes; it’s a statement and an extension of personality. Sunglasses, in particular, add undeniable swag.The idea to start the fashion brand CACHE came from Singuila’s musical journey, where he saw how accessories, like sunglasses, can boost confidence and light up a room. This led him into the world of fashion. CACHE’s concept blends artistry and innovation in every pair of sunglasses. Their message promotes self-expression and embracing one’s unique identity boldly. CACHE sunglasses tell personal stories, using materials like polarized acetate for elegance and clarity and vibrant neon glass for dynamic spirits. They’re not just accessories; they’re canvases for personal journeys. The inspiration behind CACHE’s latest collection, the Alist Collection, draws from the allure of the A-list lifestyle. It pays tribute to those who dream big and live even bigger. Like A-list celebrities, the Alist Collection exudes confidence and magnetism.